So just in case you didn’t know, Young Artist – RKIDA MUSIC has just released his new song called ON JACK

About the Song Process, This song was recorded during a TikTok Live hosted by Avid Musician/Engineer and viral tiktoker @TboyMusic on his TikTok Channel @Tjokes. From the feedback from the fans who watched this happen LIVE, there was a natural conclusion by the boys and our team that this was a song worth developing and publishing by popular demand that being said it’s out on all streaming platforms! So rather than make them wait we did what had to be done GET IT OUT TO THE FANS.

Background on the Beat Krome Beats who hails from Edinburgh produced the banging beat with a Sample loop from Producer Bassy who has worked with the likes of Kweng Face on his latest body of work. The outcome was a high-energy beat with drive, charisma, and vim. We know it’s a Jumpy one and the truth is not a beat just anyone can hop on to and make their own.

The Artist and the Recording Process – Rkida who launched into the studio session with hope did what had to be done and came out with fire. We know from his tone in the song that he means business but isn’t shy to use words like “Nyashalistic” to express how attractive the girl he’s looking at in the song is… He found an interesting pocket on the beat with his cadence and based on the Tik-Tok live was not afraid to make mistakes, recover and excel. It cannot be skipped over the fact that @TboyMusic is now engineering his way to hit songs even as he recently celebrated 10000 Followers and TikTok. He was able to make @Rkida feel comfortable and accommodated which contributed to the best performance. One cannot overlook the MIX of the record done by none other than household-named engineer ELEVATE whose signature tag can be heard on the song.

So what do we want from you the fans who asked for this..?? Request this song on all your local radio stations and help us get out there! We appreciate you always for the love you have shown our artists and the channel and we look forward to sharing so much more with you all…now more than anything we want you to enjoy the song on all platforms and make sure you tell a friend and their friends that ON JACK is out now!!!


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