Here it is guys, with the original song being put together for the Founders celebration at Addey & Stanhope School in the heart of Deptford, it was only right that the boys came back with a remix or “Drill Mix” if you will and and with some additional vocals from newly added member K Eleven.

The song originally started on Garageband as an INTRODUCTION to the Celebrations which were due to be held in person but unfortunately due to COVID the celebration had to be held online. The original 6 were summoned like AVENGERS in the Cinematic universe and within 2 weeks they were able to put the vocals together remotely.. into the SONG. Each artist was given 8 Bars to Unleash Their Talent and they came through.

The Drill mix came about as a request from a fan of the original who wanted to feature the song in their upcoming Super Hero Pilot, more about that one day soon soon 😉 . And so with out hesitation the Drill Mix to a much Darker and edgier turn… Incorporating reverse audio of the piano from the original and additional vocal samples to accompany the entrance of some artists as well as the skippy rimshot.. the song was a good direction to go in regards to making a mark with the song.

We have a special premiere happening in OCTOBER 2022 for this one so watch this space!

Thank you for all the support!


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