MUSIC RELEASE : Official Refrain X King Vito Speaks – PETRIFIED (Prod By D3 Beatz & K.V.S)

King Vito Speaks and Official Refrain are no strangers to collaborating on music together and when it came to this song they were not short of inspiration. With the song aptly titled “Petrified” it was an introspective look at what goes on in the mind of an artist. Considering this was during a time of WORLD WIDE lockdowns the song through its Chorus a philosophical outlook on what was possibly going on around the world. The two of them wrote their elements separate of each other but through a syncing in thought and mentoring both were satisfied that this song should see the light of day despite not having entered the studio together. Most interesting to note is their use of Words from them Prime Minister Boris Johnson who was Urging Citizens of Britain to stay at home and prevent the spread of COVID which went on to kill many due to its infectious nature. The song ends with the second half of that speech which again emphasises the plight of not following instructions. The irony being the Prime Minister himself in 2022 was found guilty of breaching lockdown rules in Number 10.

The song was originally written to an instrumental produced by D3 Beatz a Young producer who is part of U.Y.T Collective and a South London native who through honing his craft is constantly making and publishing beats on his youtube channel. The beat originally sampled an Anime he enjoyed watching during his lock down time. Both Refrain and King Vito Speaks wrote to that version of the beat. Unfortunately due to the copyright infringements that would have been accrued releasing it as it was abandoned.

Without a sample to work from the beat was rebuilt with additional production from King Vito Speaks himself into what became the release with out and copy right infringements to worry them. PETRIFIED was originally released as a Youtube Audio as well as on Soundcloud.

The song was released on 28th of December 2020


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