2020-2021 Song by @TBOYMUSIC, @IBZ Mullah & @Official Refrain

3 Young Artists @Tboymusic, @IBZ Mullah @OfficialRefrain Aka 09 came together for this one.

All talented Lyricists you can tell that the future is bright if this sort of output is insisted upon.

The Beat Prod by Zel & Mako intros with a pitched down Piano and reverb and upon the tag making entry kicks off right into the chorus Unleashing Tboys canny ability to write catchy hooks rain on the spacey drill beat swiftly walking into the determined tone of the first verse. IBZ Mullah & Refrain both take turns to really engage the listener and compliment the message TBoy is putting across.

All Departing from any personal reservation about going hard. In spite of the Pandemic that has plagued the world for the last year.

Perculiar and perhaps interestingly none of the artists chose to use vulgarity to push their ideas on the record forward and this is truly noteworthy in a day and age where a vast amount of young artists and rappers depend on swearing throughout their verses to make their points. Each to their own but we celebrate what the boys are doing.

Check out the song on YOUTUBE below.


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