The Musical Journey of @TboyMusic, His new single ‘Young Boy’ and The Journey So Far..

Hailing from South London @TboyMusic is a breathe of fresh air on the music scene. A Pianist, Rapper and Producer, it’s easy to see why his wit and charm can be so catchy. TBoy has been consistent with his musical output since the very beginning of his career.

Eager to showcase his music after learning to play keys from his Uncle Isaac Matovu and having the confidence to perform a solo dance piece to a school audience during his secondary school years.. it was clear to his family that perhaps he was destined to be a stage presence. His quest lead him to start receiving coaching and mentoring for his budding career from one of the Music teachers at school and now on going consultant @KingVitoSpeaks to start both writing and recording his own material. @KingVitoSpeaks was heavily impressed by @TboyMusics natural approach to making Hooks, and Clever way of writing bars and melodies to get his ideas and view point across. That energy and collaboration was turned into some songs and original concepts that @Tboy dreamed up and wanted to bring to life.

The first of which was a song called “See Me”

This song lead to TBoy Putting his foot on the ladder of songs.. and continuing on his Journey. It wasn’t long before @TboyMusic linked up with fellow budding artist @Triggz who was and is forging a path of his own in music too. They collaborated on a song called “Champions League” co produced by @TboyMusic and @KingVitoSpeaks

This song struck a chord with @TBoymusics growing fanbase and it was then that he knew it was time to take himself even more seriously as an artist and businessman. He knew there was no way he could leave anything he was doing to chance. So he began using he’s ability to play keys in more daring ways to explore the genres of music that he loved. With his ongoing collaboration with @KingVitoSpeaks they made another song from his groiwng catalogue called.. “Hit The Par” accompanied with his first music video it would be the first time his fans and viewers would see TBoy on screen where he belongs.

The piano driven Afro swing song has a catchiness about it and evidence was in the reaction he recieved at performances and his boldness to share his sound. This being another thing you should take note of when it comes to TBoy. He is indeed a natural performer whose distinct style and mannerisms let you know that you are going to have a good time vibin whenever you are around him.

TBoy not one to waste his artist exploration time went on to release other songs including a song he did as a challenge solely created and recorded on his iPhone…!!!! the song posted to his own YouTube Channel is called “Average Guy” and it is proof that TBoy is capable of making music any where he was as long as he has an iPhone. 😃Apple needs to holla at your Bwoy for sho!

I’m sure you’re starting to notice there is consistency in Tboys Vision and his output. When you want to introduce something fresh and dynamic CONSISTENCY is key. It’s about trusting the process and making the moves at your pace. 8 Months ago he dropped a new song called and premiered it on @MixtapeMadness. The song is called “DRIPPIN”

With all that said we caught up with @TboyMusic to ask him about the inspiration behind his latest single “Young Boy” and the visuals that accompany the catchy song. We had to catch up with him and ask whats popping.

Q – When and how did your music career start?

A: My music career started literally when I released my first ever song on YouTube as a joke but then gained a large amount of positive feedback straight away in like the first week of the release.

Q – So what inspired you to write ‘Young Boy’?

A: What inspired me was seeing other young artists just like me being recognised and even gaining large followings and achieving big viewership numbers 1million+ and even being able to buy things they wanted etc. All that just made me think , that could be me soon so I wrote a song about a young boy like me with aspirations and a big dream.

Q – Who directed the Video?

A: The Video was directed by me and the guy “uglybydefault”. We didn’t really have a lot of ideas for the shoot because our budget was low so we basically decided to base all the shots on me rapping my aspirations I was talking about my self having a big dream.

Q – How significant is releasing a song during the Pandemic and some months after the unfortunate death of George Floyd?

A: I think it was important for two reasons one I am a young black boy trying to make a living for my self and my family without using the stereotypical ways people think young black people use to rise out of their present circumstances and the second being that despite it being a pandemic ridden time I am able to still work hard through a crisis like this.

So you decided to premiere on GRM Daily how does it feel to have something to exhibit on that platform?

I chose it because the channel is one of the biggest/known music platform in the uk. Its an outlet where all types of Urban artists showcase their talents to place my talent on there means a lot to me, I trust that the people I’m looking for will continue to link up with and enjoy the music I’m posting.

With Young Boy recently doing 10K views it can only mean something special is brewing with TBoy and we hope to be there to witness it.

Make sure you check out @Tboy’s discography so far on Spotify Below.




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