Invest In Your Talent Wisely


No one who has made it did it without doing the work. You can go viral but you gotta stay working. Recently I was talking to one of our up and coming talents ON the importance of investing in their talents. My approach has always been

“Since you are young and still in school, it’s a great way to build a fan base as news about your activity spreads like wild fire. People talk and there’s always a sort of underground buzz that comes with it.”

Ideally you want a situation where your work rate matches your fans’ appetite and that can be difficult whilst trying to bless your well demanding GCSE’s or any other qualifications which you are trying to attain. You can strike a balance somewhere. Make time for study and make time for doing what you love. Your art will always need a financial boost. So don’t back down from collecting your certificate because you want make the MU LA LA

Watching Others On Socials – One of the biggest hindrances to manifesting your talent is definitely watching other people. Particularly when you worship their talent and skill and respect their art. Their manifestation can really make you feel down about your own Sauce, to the point where you don’t even want to put yours in a bottle and sell it anymore. That being said, part of investing in your talent is no longer watching those who entertain you and indirectly stifle your self image or even deplete your confidence in what you are doing. Maybe that type of entertainment needs to be reduced because well… you simply won’t do anything about yourself at this rate. You won’t step up, you won’t step in, you wouldn’t even want to stand out. When it comes to the expression of your talent you could be one of two people that rapper Dave referenced in his underrated Song ‘Hang Man’.

“But would you rather be the person talking
or the person doing all the things that people talk about?”

The truth is, anyone worth their weight in gold isn’t sitting there thinking about what people will actually say. But some people scroll down the comment section like they are brave enough to handle the comments and then they see it.. Fire emoji, Fire Emoji…….. TRASH! They think to themselves, “If this is what a troll is saying to a talented person, then what are they going to say about my developing talent?” so thats it “I’M NOT POSTING”. Now instead of investing in their own movements, they start sweating in someone’s comment section believing somehow their own confidence will be resurrected but it won’t. You don’t know that by watching everyone’s comments, you have secretly imprisoned your own talent and unwittingly turned into a prisoner of COMMENTS from people who don’t even do it big in their own lives!

Not Documenting Your Inspired Moments – Are you an artist who has a habit of starting but never finishing what you started? Don’t worry it happens to all of us. But when it becomes a habit for you to do nothing about your inspiration , its no longer happenstance! [REVISE PREVIOUS WORD FOR AUDIENCE MAYBE] You need be really careful about allowing your inspired moments to gather dust. Don’t let them get stuck in your RUT! Yes I’m talking about the one created by your own negative thoughts and the voice of people who can’t and don’t help you take things to the next level.





    • Thanks for these kind works we continue to work towards helping our collective to rise to the demands of creativity with confidence and growth.


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